Everyone should play cricket

Born in Rhodesia, raised and educated in Zimbabwe

Loves cruising the world

Adoring father of Hannah and Maya

At home in the African bush

Circumnavigated the world several times

Married to beautiful Susanne

Can run 100m 4.7 seconds slower than Bolt

Allergic to shellfish after being stung by African bees

Photography college distinctions

Eddy Izzard, 'I can kill you with a single tray'

Unapologetic Apple fan

Never entered a photography competition

Only dentists and cricketers can wear white shoes

Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden

Dived everywhere, from Alaska to Zimbabwe


In another life - surfing filmaker

Aspring perfectionist professionally...not so much elsewhere

Inspired by Bailey, Avedon, Beard, intrigued by Dragan

Best ever handicap 9. Dammit.

Had Malaria once but incredibly never Bilharzia

Professionally where do you want to be in ten years...ten times better than I am now, quote unquote

The luckiest guy I know